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COVID-19 Epidemic New Situation! Global New Coronary Pneumonia Deaths Over 40,000

COVID-19 Epidemic New Situation! Global New Coronary Pneumonia Deaths Over 40,000

Experts: Italian outbreak is entering a plateau

Brusaferro, director of the Italian Institute of Higher Health, said on March 31 that the growth curve of the Italian new crown pneumonia epidemic is flattening, and the epidemic is entering a plateau period, but the public must not take it lightly.

Brusaferro told the media on the same day: "It seems that we are entering the platform period, which shows that our (quarantine and control) measures are achieving results." But the entry of the epidemic into the platform period does not mean that the peak has been crossed and it does not mean With the words "the battle is over", "we must start (and let the curve) fall".

Borelli, the head of Italy ’s civil protection department and commissioner of the New Corona Virus Emergency Committee, said at a press conference that night, as of 18:00, a total of 12,428 deaths, 105,792 confirmed cases, and 15 729 cured cases of Italian new crown pneumonia were accumulated. In addition, of the currently confirmed cases, 28,192 patients received general treatment in the hospital, 4023 received treatment in the intensive care unit, and 45,420 were isolated at home.

At the initiative of the National Association of Municipalities and Towns, all government buildings in Italy lowered their flags at the same day. President Matarella, Prime Minister Conte, members of parliament, mayors and other dignitaries observed a minute of silence at 12 noon to express condolences to those who died of new coronary pneumonia. Medical staff on the front lines of the epidemic expressed their support.

According to a report issued by the Italian Federation of General Industries on the same day, the epidemic has severely affected the Italian economy. Even if the country ’s manufacturing industry can fully recover by the end of June, the second quarter of this year ’s GDP will also be 10% lower than the same period last year. .

In order to prevent the epidemic from spreading further, Italy entered the state of "capped cities" on March 10, and closed all shops except food stores and pharmacies nationwide on the 12th, and closed all parks and other public places from the 21st, but Public transportation, logistics, post offices, banks and food production industries are maintained in normal operation and operation to ensure basic living services to the public.

French confirmed cases rise to 52,128

According to data released by the French public health department on March 31, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in France rose to 52,128, an increase of 7,578 from the previous day.



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